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Our trained, experienced rescue team is on-call day and night. Based on the species and the nature and difficulty fo the rescue, we use various means to retrieve the animal safely, often innovating with the conditions at hand. An initial assessment is made over phone, to gather what materials or equipment to take, or if a specialist rescuer is required. Snakes such as cobras, kraits and vipers, for example, mandate special caution and experience.

We are authorised to carry out rescues by the Karnataka Forest Department and often work in tandem with them and other muncipal or governmental bodies. People call in a rescue for different reasons, the most frequent of which are:

  • Injury due to human interaction
  • Captivity and cruelty
  • Habitat degradation or loss, causing movement into homes
  • Accidents due to urban geographic conditions
  • Separation from parent or social group
  • Shock or trauma, characterised by immobility
  • Climate change
  • Attacks by other species


If you see an animal in trouble, physically injured or in shock, call +91 99000 25370 or Email,,

Tell us which animal, what the situation is and the location. We’ll advise you, send our rescue team or find the nearest Badge volunteer. You could also bring it to the centre.

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Our average rescue number is around 150 every month. We believe that this is low, given the scale of the city. The influx alters with seasons. Peak summer means dehydration for specific avian species, for example. Animals are also brought in by various law enforcement bodies, after having been confiscated due to illegal posession or smuggling. From circuses, the international airport, private 'animal collections' and more.

Some rescued species are endangered, some migratory, and some endemic to the region. There are 196 recorded rescued species.

Mammals such as the Indian Jackal, Slender Loris, Black Buck, Indian Flying Bat and the Malabar Giant Squirrel.

Birds like the Great Indian Horned Owl, Eurasian Sparrowhawk, Little Grebe, Painted Stork and the White Headed Munia.

Reptiles as diverse as the Marsh Crocodile, Indian Rock Python, Indian Chameleon, Saw Scaled Viper and the Indian Tent Turle.

Often the citizen reporting the rescue donates towards medical supplies and nutrition for a short term. This aid is important to us in many ways.

Contribute to improving our rescue vehicles and equipment.

We have a programme to develop rescue expertise with able, committed volunteers. If you'd like to become a trained animal rescuer in your part of the city, write to us

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