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Our volunteer programme is open to wildlife enthusiasts and those willing to train for a committed service - such as helping with intensive care, surgeries, and animal rescues in their area.

We’d like volunteers to truly gain when they spend time with us, while the organisation gains much needed assistance. Volunteers do have a responsibility - to protect and aid our urban wildlife, by advocacy, by reporting cruelty, and through participation.

General Volunteering

There are many areas in which volunteers of all ages can help with. Volunteers can use their talent, inherent skill or pure interest in these. These needs change from time to time, so it is good to stay in touch with our Facebook page to know when/how to help.

  • Animal enclosure cleaning
  • Feeding the animals
  • Species identification
  • Participating in rescue and releases
  • Assisting the doctor in treatments
  • Campus enrichment, gardening, painting and conservation
  • Hosting of workshops and roadshows
  • Survey skills (studying the ecology within our shelter)
  • Design, photography and publicity material
  • Getting sponsors for the adoption programme

The Volunteer Badge Rescue Programme has three levels.

This is the most comprehensive volunteer program, and trains volunteers to directly enable rescues, treatment and rehabilitation of wild animals, under strict guidelines.


The PfA Blue Badge holder will be authorized to rescue injured and displaced Aves specified under Schedules I to IV of the Indian Wildlife Protection Act. The programme begins with an introductory class that deals with species identification and animal behaviour. Volunteers are then taught: handling, feeding and housing of the animals; treating injuries, stress and providing first aid measures. PfA Blue will finally be issued on the successful completion of 30 hours of bird handling training, which includes 16 hours of training and 10 rescues along with our rescuers, and five solo rescues performed over a period of 4 months.


In this level, volunteers are taught how to rescue small mammals such as squirrels. This stage aims to establish and hone skills, thereby assessing the ability to handle large animals.


This is the last stage of the program. Training to rescue larger mammals such as Bonnet Macaques, and Reptiles such as venomous snakes. The duration of the programme is three months. After successful completion, volunteers gain a ‘Trained by PfA’ certification.

Once a volunteer earns the PfA Green badge, he/she can coordinate with our rescue team to accomplish rescue operations in his/her vicinity. This is, however, at will and is subject to volunteer’s preference.

Child Volunteers

We encourage parents to bring in their children to volunteer with us. Children are important to the cause of animal welfare. Working with animal care breeds passion and empathy, opens their world view. The experience of being on campus, working alongside our animal care specialists and other volunteers builds confidence and character. Being a volunteer advocate - spreading the word for animal welfare and simply telling people what we do at the hospital is also a positive growing experience.

Child volunteering starts from age eight. Children (till age 18) are required to provide a letter of consent from their parent, guardian or school.

There is a volunteer registration fee. Identity cards are issued to all volunteers. The ID card does not authorize the holder to enter a restricted forest area, raise funds in the name of PfA, and collect donations of any form in the organisation’s name.

To become a volunteer, write to outreach@peopleforanimalsbangalore.org or call +91 70224 57222

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