Corporate Social Responsibility

Contribute towards cause of Environment protection and conservation, partner in empowering our work.

Responsibility; it’s why we do what we do

We at People for Animals, Bangalore, take care of wild animals in and around Bangalore. PfA has a specialized Wildlife Hospital with Veterinarian Doctors and Wildlife rehabilitators, nursing staff and Animal Welfare officers. Since 2001, over 23,128 wild animals (196 different species) have been rescued in and around Bangalore and treated at our wildlife hospital. We also have a 'Knowledge Center' where training and awareness programs have been conducted for over 4000 members of the public, including students.
All these can be ongoing initiatives as per mutual convenience. Once you share your views on these, we can look at sending you formal proposal, if that is a requirement of your organization.
You could also connect us to your HR and CSR departments so that we could take it further with them.

Corporate Partnerships & Funding under CSR:

Being one of the primary wildlife hospitals & an NGO in India we tend to lack with the required means and resources to carry out our operations and projects sustainably. This is where the corporates can be a Santa and help us with the essential funding needs of shelter and indirectly restoring the Mother Nature. Contributing towards the preservation of the urban wildlife and the habitat is a delightful way to distribute the mandatory CSR spending.
Bangalore is home to some of the world’s most progressive companies, some multinational, some born and headquartered in the city. We seek active participation from companies of all sizes and industries. The Government of India includes animal welfare and the protection of fauna under the ambit of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Experience of Corporate and Institutions 

Over the years PfA has initiated, launched and organized events to amplify the effects of urbanization on our environment. Events form an integral part of PfA as it enables us to create awareness on the situation of ecological problems that beset our country such as shrinking habitat, animal sacrifices, cruelty to animals, extinction of wild species of flora and fauna.
We have had various corporate and institutions like Accenture, EMC, Oracle, PMC, Sierra, Toyota, OWC, Light of the Life foundation, Incture Technologies, Selco India, Selco Foundation, Inteva Products, Intuit India and others who have joined hands with PfA.

The benefits of CSR extend far beyond a brand halo. When companies support social or environmental issues, consumer affinity overwhelmingly upsurges:

  • 96% of global citizens will have a more positive image of that company.
  • 94% will be more likely to trust that company
  • 93% will be more loyal to the company (i.e., continue buying products or services)
  • CSR also remains a powerful differentiator at the register, with nearly all consumers indicating a strong inclination to shop for products and services that demonstrate social and/or environmental benefits.

Get Involved

We offer various platforms for companies to engage with us, either as part of their ongoing CSR programme or as independent programmes.


Direct monetary donation for various facilities being built for the rescued animals at PfA. Specific needs related to infrastructure, medical care or activities can be funded/supported individually. These include medical equipment, building of mammal enclosures and school outreach programme.

Brand Comm & Intuit India has supported us through this scheme.


Sponsoring of recurring expenses such as general medical supplies and food for a fixed time period. Passive adoption of an animal or bird for till it is released or shorter duration. Funding in the medical treatment, food and rehabilitation enclosure.

When employees choose to sponsor at PFA, they help procure feed like fruits, vegetables, lactogen and meat to feed over 200 in-care animals / birds.

AntarPrerna Enterprises has supported us through this scheme.


Corporates can use their own innovative channels of marketing our work.

For ex. Companies can schedule an awareness session with limited no. of employees (20-30) at their campus, HR/EE SPOC can send regular mailers to the employees to enlighten them about the happenings at PfA shelter in addition to the adoption list of the in-care animals, Providing a platform for PfA by placing a donation box at the reception area or a common area of the campus.


Payroll giving is an opportunity provided to the employees of the organization to indulge in the preservation of the urban wildlife by approving an auto deduction from their monthly income towards PfA. It’s simple and less cumbersome tool for donation. Also, the deduction takes place before tax is calculated & tax relief can be issued through 80G certificate.

Companies can encourage such employees by matching the same amount of donations under matching grants. This stimulates the corporate esteem and employee satisfaction too.


The visits typically revolve around workshops and interaction with animals. Each visit lasts 4-6 hours and would be able to accommodate upto 80 participants at a time. Such visits can be for those employees who are interested in this kind of awareness and are passionate towards the wild. We look forward to a donation of Rs.500 per person for such workshops.

Allegis, Brand Comm & Intuit India has supported us through this scheme.


Being a wildlife hospital, PfA is in need of various equipment to carry out its rescue, treatment and rehabilitation and administration process. Corporates can organize a donation drive in their campus or the interested employees could choose to help by donating in cash towards the procurement of the needed equipment.

Bren, Epson India, Inteva Products, Micro Labs Pvt Ltd & Ashirwadam Trust has supported PfA through this scheme

We send regular mailers to registered visitors to keep them abreast of activities, events and developments.

To know precisely how you can get involved and how your CSR funds could be feasibly allocated for PfA, kindly write to us at or call +91 9632245291

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Companies are expected to be an active participant – if not a driving force – in solving the most pressing social and environmental issues.

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