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Contributions go a long way in supporting our effort to preserve our urban wildlife

We seek funds, sponsorships and support donations from citizens and businesses who hold a desire to protecting the natural wealth we have in our rapidly growing city. We do not have any government body or independent agency supporting us, and rely solely on those who believe in our work, the income from our pet cemetery and independent project sponsors.

In order for us to better handle the growing influx of urban wild animals, we are recruiting more veterinarians, rescue and nursing staff. To deliver care that’s of higher quality and faster, with a better success ratio, we are constantly trying to upgrade our facilities and services.

Listed in the funding document here are critical needs for us at this time. These include both long term and short term funding needs.
We are a registered NGO and hence appropriate tax benefits will apply.

We are also happy to accept donations in kind for anything that could be useful, including furniture, electronics, tools and more.

To contribute, write directly to the trustees
or Call +91 97410 31128

See how philanthropist Boopesh Reddy is building for us an international standard Primate Socialising Habitat

Every bit helps us. From time to time, passionate owners of pets buried in our Pet Cemetery sponsor a day’s food for all inmates

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