PFA is involved in rescue of injured,displaced and orphaned animals.The same animals are released back in to the suitable habitat after medication and rehabilitation processes.PFA carries on confiscations of wildlife illegally kept in captivity or from illegal pet trade.


People For Animals- Bengaluru (PFA), is a non-profit conservation organisation working on the rescue and rehabilitation of
urban wildlife.People for Animals, Bengaluru was launched in 1996, by Namrata Dugar, Alpana Bhartia, Gauri Maini Hira and
Arushi Poddar, who were the pioneers.

Who are we

People for Animals, Bengaluru is a non-profit organization, whose foundations were laid by NamrataDugar, AlpanaBhartia, Gauri Maini Hira and ArushiPoddar. Amidst the massive ecological turmoil such as shrinking of habitats, animal sacrifices, cruelty towards animals, extinction of flora and fauna; PfA has chosen to act. We believe that if people can be the cause of this turmoil, then people can also be the cause for a change; a change that sees the inhabitants of Earth living in harmony.

Our History

Since its inception PfA has educated and created awareness amongst people and their approach towards animals via various campaigns and workshops. PfA has successfully thwarted illegal slaughter of camel, global Ostrich farming, disbanding of elephant training camp at Dubare forest, mobile zoo display of animals in Mangalore, confiscations of Macaque, Parakeets, Slender Loris and Snakes from people domesticating them as pets and for commercial purposes.

What we do

We at PfA believe that the unscrupulous suffering and exploitation faced by animals at the hands of humans can be ceased by bringing an end to the traditional "usage" of the animals. The natural habitats and food sources for the native fauna are constantly being eroded and these animals are being exposed to increasing risks from predators and ' unnatural' dangers. Cruelty towards animals accounts for many of the casualties brought in for care, attention and rehabilitation.

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We strive for the conservation of wildlife through our rescue and rehabilitation procedures of the displaced species.

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