Building an international standard Primate Socialising Habitat

It is an exciting and rewarding time at PFA.

After an intense six months of planning, examining the patterns of macaque socialising, and site development, the Primate Socialising Habitat is near completion.

Imagined and built with inputs from various experienced professionals, the habitat considers all practical issues including feeding and medical care.

Our experts include the Veterinarians of PfA, the Trustees, and Structural Engineers - with project funding and design inputs from philanthropist Boopesh Reddy, along with the design team of Opus CDM and the efficient architectural and project management team of Bren Corporation.


Meet Bullet

Bullet is an orphaned macaque. He is also one of the lucky few who will find a family and eventually be released into his natural habitat.

Bullet will soon be housed in the new Primate Socialising Habitat being built within our premises. Along with other orphaned, injured, or displaced macaques Bullet gets a chance to rehabilitate, socialise and be part of a troop - an essential prerequisite for his survival out in the wild.

Watch this space for updates as and when they happen.

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