Bren builds an international standardPrimate Socialising Habitat

After an intense year of planning, examining the patterns of macaque socialising, and site development, the Bren PfA Primate Socialising Habitat is finally complete.

Imagined and built with inputs from various experienced professionals, the habitat considers all practical issues including feeding and medical care.

Our experts include the Veterinarians of PfA, the Trustees, and Structural Engineers - with project funding and design inputs from philanthropist Boopesh Reddy, along with the design team of Opus CDM and the efficient architectural and project management team of Bren Corporation.


Watch the teaser to the film

The journey of the development of our new Primate Socialising Habitat, from concept to relwase of the first group of macaques - captured on film. Wait for the official launch of the film. Produced by Bren.

  • 900mm foundation
  • 1095 running metres of steel sections
  • 471 sq metres of mesh
  • 200 tonnes of concrete
  • 200 construction days

Dimensions: 5.48 m tall, 15.23 m wide, 18.1 m long

  • species: bonnet macaque
  • number rescued: 1068
  • diet: mainly fruit
  • forms a social group: 30-90 days
The unique new habitat is almost complete - see the progress

With the vision of city philanthropist Boopesh Reddy, the new habitat is almost complete and a new group will be released into it soon. This facility is one of a kind, with a structure that has been designed and built a dedicated group pf architects, engineers and designers, under the guidance of our veterinary team.

Giving orphaned monkeys a new family

The city is not the safest home for many animals, especially macaques, which are highly vulnerable to human conflict. A large number of monkeys that we rescue are orphaned. To successfully release them back into their natural habitats, they need to belong to a troop. Dr. Michelle tells how PfA gives orphaned macaques a new family.

Meet Bullet

Bullet is an orphaned macaque. He is also one of the lucky few who will find a family and eventually be released into his natural habitat. Bullet will soon be housed in the new Primate Socialising Habitat being built within our premises. Along with other orphaned, injured, or displaced macaques Bullet gets a chance to rehabilitate, socialise and be part of a troop - an essential prerequisite for his survival out in the wild.

Designing a habitat for Bullet and his new family

The new habitat is being built on one level of the 6-acre PfA campus at Kengeri. Inputs from around the world have contributed to the thought behind this unique structure. We'll keep adding pictures here as it comes up.

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